Mar 20

Miro 5 Pre-Release Testing

Posted by Janet

Help us test Miro 5, Release Candidate builds

You can download them here:

To run the regression tests

  1. Go to and sign in or create an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Select the recommended test run for Miro 5.0 Beta and RC Testing
  3. Select your OS configuration and start running tests from the groups that are listed.
  4. For each test that you run, please mark it pass / fail / unclear. Don’t worry if you can’t run all the tests.
  5. If you encounter an error, please file a bug and provide the bug number in the results and a quick description in the comments.

Bugzilla information (Fixed / Open / Create)

Extra info

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  1. Richard Says:

    Hi Janet,

    Can I ask how to get around the only flaw i can find in Miro .. that when you subscribe to a youtube user as a example you only can get their last 25 videos … some have hundreds and I would love to know how to dig deeper , thanks I hope you can answer or find away around this , regards Richard

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